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I usually recommend a size Small to start if a baby is 6 months or under and weighs less than 18 pounds. The small is shorter than the medium but both are plenty long for any sized little one… I over compensate on the length to accommodate even the tallest of babies. The length of the zipper alone on all the Zipadee-Zips is 24 inches (remember that a baby’s head makes up a good portion of their height so even if your little one is 29 inches long from head to foot, the size small will still be plenty long enough). The difference in sizes between the Small and Medium really is in the width or the wing-span I guess you could say. I recommend the smaller fit to start because there is more resistance in that wing-span which gives the baby more of a feeling of being enclosed and cozy. This womb-like sensation is what helps ease the transition off of the swaddle.

If your baby weighs above 18 pounds they are on the cusp of moving to a Medium and may not be in the Small for very long (although my daughter wore her small until she was over 22lbs) which is why parents will usually get a Small for an easier transition and a Medium for once the baby is comfortable with the new-found freedom. If you decide to go with a size Medium so that your little one can grow into it, make sure to do nap times in the Zipadee-Zip first for a while before moving to night time sleep. That will help ease your little one into the freedom over a shorter period of time. Ideally you want to have resistance in the arm span if you are transitioning from the swaddle.

The difference between a size Medium and a size Large is pretty significant. The Large gives a baby full freedom of movement with no resistance at all. This is the size you want to move to after the transition and before your little one sleeps freely in normal PJ’s. It will still give them the security of being enclosed but will allow them to get used to moving around completely unrestricted. This size is also a perfect alternative for parents who haven’t swaddled and just want a great easy alternative to PJ’s that keeps their little ones hands warm at night.

All of our orders ship out the business day after they are received.  If you pull up your account on the website, it will say processing even though it has already shipped so don’t worry about the status there as all of our orders ship promptly since we know how important that sleep is!  Orders shipped within the U.S. take 5-7 business days to arrive.   Shipments outside the United States generally take 12-14 business days to arrive give or take a couple days for the package to go through Customs.  We don’t send shipping confirmation emails but do ship quickly!   Thank you so much for your order!  We hope your little ones like the Zipadee-Zip!  :)
We ship all over the world every day because we know that babies everywhere struggle with the transition from the swaddle and the ability to sleep soundly in general. Simply select “outside the US” under the shipping option when you are on the checkout page.
“The feeling of the womb but the freedom of pajamas!”

Often times people are confused as to why the Zipadee-Zip is all that different from the sleeveless wearable blankets or sacks out there. The star-shaped pointed sleeves and star-fish design is Patent Pending because it inspires sounder sleep than any other wearable blankets on the market. The slight resistance in the wing-span allows a baby to move around freely while still providing the enclosed, cozy sensation babies enjoy so much in the swaddle and the womb.  The ‘Moro’ or startle reflex is what prevents a baby from sleeping soundly and jolts a baby awake suddenly. The reason babies are startled is because they wake up and can’t feel their edges like they were able to in the womb. The Zipadee-Zip provides those ‘edges’ or that womb like environment while still providing them the freedom to roll around and use their arms safely. This is why the Zipadee-Zip will work when all other products parents have tried to transition their babies typically fail.

Although most of my customers purchase the Zipadee-Zips for the transition off of the swaddle, many love the Zipadee-Zip for other reasons: The Zipadee-Zip is easier to put on than PJ’s, it keeps a baby’s hands warm at night, and the enclosed feel gives babies the security they need to learn to self-soothe and fall asleep on their own.

The number one thing I have learned after selling thousands of Zipadee-Zips to help wean babies off of the swaddle is that your baby will tell you when they are ready! One of the common issues that I run into is parents who feel that their little one, at 2 or 3 months old, is ready to make the move off of the swaddle because they are breaking free of it. Although we have incredible success with babies transitioning to the Zipadee-Zip at this young age, for many babies, 2-3 months is a little too early to make the transition, simply because at that age, a baby’s startle reflex is still too strong.

If your little one is breaking free at 2-3 months of age, often times it is because the swaddle you are using isn’t doing a great job of staying on. That was the problem with our daughter. For parents out there with this particular issue, I’d recommend moving to the Miracle Blanket Swaddle before the Zipadee-Zip (I’m not paid to tell you this but it was a life-saver for our daughter and our sanity!). With that said, we have had great success with really young babies transitioning to the Zipadee-Zip but the most immediate transitions have happened after the 4 or 5 month mark. A baby doesn’t start growing out of that startle reflex until around 6 months old. If you transition before then, just make sure to do nap times first for a while before night time sleep in order to give your baby a chance to get used to the freedom over a shorter period of time!

Also, please check out our Zipadee-Zip Facebook Page to get more first hand accounts of other moms who have transitioned their babies of the swaddle with the Zipadee-Zip!

Usually the best time to transition, I have found, is right around the 5 or 6 month mark although many babies have a great experience transitioning much earlier. This is partially because a baby will usually outgrow their startle reflex at around 6 months old. As I mentioned before, a baby will tell you that they are ready to be done being swaddled. What will usually happen is this… A baby who used to sleep wonderfully when swaddled will start waking up multiple times during the night acting like he/she is trying to get comfortable or escape the swaddle or roll over. That is when I knew, and that is when most mothers know, that it is time to be done swaddling. I have found that if those signs are there, the transition to the Zipadee-Zip is pretty simple and quick.

You will want to have a Zipadee-Zip on hand for when the signs appear because it will happen overnight!  I can’t even tell you how many Zippies I’ve had to ship overnight for this very reason!  Make sure to refer to the Sizing help section on this page before you order. I usually recommend a smaller size to start to help ease the transition off of the swaddle.

One of the best tips I could give moms when making the transition is to do nap times first in the Zipadee-Zip for a while before using the Zipadee-Zip for night time sleep unless your little one is rolling over and it’s no longer safe to swaddle. This will give your little one a chance to get used to the new found freedom over a shorter period of time. Every baby is different but that should give you an idea of what to look for when deciding when and how to start the transition!

I actually created the Zipadee-Zip exactly for that reason. My daughter had started rolling over and swaddling became dangerous because she couldn’t use her arms to roll back. The problem was, she refused to fall asleep without the swaddle. That is when the Zipadee-Zip was born. The Zipadee-Zip gives a baby the swaddle feel but the freedom of movement to safely push up and roll over and wiggle all over the place at will.
My daughter has always only worn her diaper underneath her Zippy and stays super cozy all night long but every baby is different. One thing to remember though is that unlike most slumber sacks, the Zipadee-Zip doesn’t have any holes for a baby’s body heat to escape. So even though the fabric is pretty thin and breathable, babies stay warm in just a diaper. One other thing to consider too is something I read on a website called babyslumber.com… “not only do baby’s sleep better in cooler temperatures, but they are also at a lower risk for SIDS.” With all of that said, If your little one is used to sleeping with something underneath the swaddling blanket, I’m sure putting on something underneath the Zipadee-Zip will be perfectly fine!

WHEN TO STOP USING THE ZIPADEE-ZIP (Why the size Large is so much bigger than the size Medium Zipadee-Zip)?:

There is a huuuuuge difference between the size medium and the size large Zipadee-Zip!  It is specifically designed that way.   The size Large is used after a little one has made the transition off the swaddle and to the Zippy and should never be used during the swaddle weaning process.   The Medium is used for the transition because it provides the slight resistance necessary to help with the transition.  The Large is intended to be the last step a baby takes before they go to PJ’s.  There is no transition between sizes but the Large is what equips them to get used to full freedom of movement so they are able to move to PJ’s with no problems or transition whatsoever!   A baby can actually use the size large until they are 2.5 years old.  This is right around the time when a toddler transitions from the crib to a bed. Most moms move their little ones out of the Zippy close to the 2 year mark.  My daughter (who had used the Zippy for every single nap and night time) moved cold turkey out of the Zippy to PJs and to a big girl full size bed on her second birthday. We were able to get her excited about the idea of Dora the Explorer PJ’s and she slept great the first night and hasn’t needed the Zippy since… no transition whatsoever! There is no need to rush and there’s no harm at all in using it longer (if anything I think it makes the move to PJ’s easier the older they are)…I really recommend going to the Large before PJ’s so they get used to that full range of movement!  If it makes you more comfortable (though it’s not necessary), you can always start with naps first without the Zippy and move to night time after a while!  One day you will have a happy Zippy graduate! ;)   We’d love to hear your stories about your little Zippy graduates!  (SHARE YOUR TESTIMONY!)

ARE ANY CHEMICALS USED IN THE MAKING OF THE ZIPADEE-ZIPS? HOW AND WHERE ARE THE ZIPADEE-ZIPS MADE (are they safe for babies with sensitive skin or other skin conditions)? :



To be honest with you, I would still be making all of the Zipadee-Zips by hand if I could but I was up till 3 or 4 in the morning nearly every day just to keep up with orders!  My desire to be a good wife and mother takes priority and it simply was not possible on little to no sleep so I had to figure out another solution…. God has blessed this little business more than I could have imagined and for that I’m so grateful but I did have to find a manufacturer that would make the Zipadee-Zips moving forward.

I searched everywhere to be able to have them sewn in the United States.  Unfortunately, there are NO textile manufacturers in the States that make baby sleepwear to comply with the safety standards set forth by the US government (Crazy, I know!).  Unfortunately, garments made in China are often treated with chemicals… in fact nearly all sleepwear for babies that you see in the big box stores are made using at least some chemicals.  I would not want to put my daughter in a Zipadee-Zip that had been chemically treated so I was unwilling to compromise on this for my sweet customer’s little ones.  I also wanted to make sure that the fabric used in the making of the Zippies was not going to irritate the skin of a baby with eczema or another skin condition.  I soon found that my desires were nearly impossible to meet!  There are only a couple manufacturers in the entire world that do this (because of the expense associated with doing things the RIGHT way!).  Most of the baby sleepwear you see in stores is treated with chemicals like formaldehyde which is why it can affect a sensitive baby’s skin.  Although I have to pay extra to do it the right way, I was not willing to put the safety or comfort of our little ones in jeopardy in any way.

The Zipadee-Zips are now sewn in China but the fabric however, is NOT made in China! The fabrics used in the Zippies are actually made in the US… I wanted to keep as much as possible in the US.  Your baby will be just as comfortable in the new and improved Zippies because of how soft the insides of the Zippies are and how carefully the fabric of the new Zippies are made.  No chemicals are used in the making of the Zippies so that your little ones can truly have the sweetest of dreams!

If for some reason you experience some difficulties ordering it could be your browser on the computer you are using. Try a different browser, like Mozilla or Internet Explorer and if you are still having trouble feel free to email us at sleep@zipadeezip.com. Also, make sure you receive a confirmation email from paypal once you have placed your order to ensure that it went through ok.  If you think it is a paypal problem, you may have to contact paypal’s customer service to iron out any issues with your account.
If you are wondering if the Zipadee-Zip will do the trick for your little one please feel free to check out some of the first-hand accounts of parents who have used the Zipadee-Zip to make the swaddle transition on our Zipadee-Zip Facebook page.  We currently don’t accept returns  but if for some reason the size isn’t right for your little one and the Zipadee-Zip has not been worn or laundered, you are more than welcome to exchange it for a different size. Please email: sleep@zipadeezip.com for further help with exchanges.
The best way to check if your order went through is to login to your PayPal account and see if a charge is reflected from ‘Parker Squared’(Zipadee-Zip’s PayPal name) for the total price of your Zipadee-Zips. If you don’t see that, then your order did not go all the way through. Sometimes PayPal can be confusing because they make you scroll through what seems like a million pages where you have to click, “Continue,” “confirm purchase,” or “commit to buy” before the order makes it through to me. As soon as the order goes through, PayPal will send you a confirmation email and as soon as it ships off, you will receive an email from me saying it’s on its way to you! If you get that first email from PayPal you will know for sure that your order went through to me!”